Advertising on Southdown Radio is a fast and affordable way to tell potential customers in Brighton & Hove all about your business. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to encourage people to support local businesses around our amazing city.


Radio Advertising is uniquely intrustive. As a listener, you can’t simply turn the page, look away, scroll down or shut your ears. It’s why Radio Advertising really breaks through to get your mesasge across quickly and clearly.

What’s more, according to UK research listeners feel radio advertised brands are more relevant and more trusted.


Aimed at a 30+ adult audience, Southdown Radio is an innovative, super-local radio station with the city in our DNA. We’re all about Brighton & Hove and people choose to listen to us because – unlike most other stations – we’re based in the city and we talk about the city: morning, noon and night.

Advertising on Southdown Radio offers you a unique opportunity to target and reach people who have a personal interest in Brighton & Hove – people who live, work and spend their money in the city.


With a range of advertising and sponsorship options to suit every budget, a fully-produced advertising campaign on Southdown Radio can be on air within days and all for less than £20 a week.

Small Ads

Create a simple Small Ads campaign for your business in just a few minutes – day or night – for under £20 a week!

Spot Ads

Promote your business with a comprehensive package of 30-second radio commercials from just £149 a month!


Sponsor a daily feature (eg Weather, Travel, Sports News) and get up to 48 mentions a day for your business!


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