Small Ads

Tell potential customers all over Brighton & Hove all about your business with a fully-produced Small Ads campaign on Southdown Radio for less than £20 a week!

Simply write your script of up to 50 words for a single voice; choose the campaign start date; the number of weeks you want your Small Ad to run and leave the rest to us.

We’ll check over your script to make sure it’s OK and ready to submit to the industry regulator for broadcast clearance. To simplify production we might make some minor adjustments to your script (eg punctuation, etc.) but if we think major changes are necessary we’ll contact you for approval. Should broadcast clearance be refused for any reason we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the available options.*

When your script has been cleared for broadcast, we’ll email you an invoice for the full cost of the campaign you’ve chosen. Once settled, we’ll then create your custom Small Ad ready for broadcast on Southdown Radio.

During your Small Ads campaign, we’ll play out your commercial a minimum of  42 times over a 7 day period – that’s 21 times during peak hours (0700-1900) and 21 times in off-peak hours (1900-0700).

Small Ads campaigns include Free Commercial Production services featuring one of our team of professional voice-over artists, but for an extra personal touch you may want to use your own voice – just ask us for more details when you submit your order.

Your commercial will usually be produced and ready for broadcast in 7-10 days (subject to acceptance and cleared payment) but if your message is urgent and you need to get your Small Ad on air sooner, simply select Express Production and we’ll work extra hard to have it ready sooner.

Once recorded, we’ll schedule your Small Ad to be played out as per your order and you’ll also be able to come back and reschedule your Small Ad to play out on Southdown Radio again whenever you like.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Southdown Radio Small Ads or to find out more about other advertising & sponsorship opportunities.


Unlike print advertisements, radio commercials really need to speak to listeners and draw them in from the very start. So here are a few simple but important tips we recommend you follow to help you to write a great Small Ad script for your business.

MAKE IT PERSONAL: Try not to think of your Small Ad as a big public announcement – imagine you’re telling someone you’ve met socially about your business, products or services.

MAKE IT NATURAL: There’s no need to be stiff and starchy with language. It’s far more effective to sound conversational, so just write exactly as you’d speak. Say we’re instead of we are, there’s instead of there is and you’re instead of you are, etc. Also, try reading your script aloud to a colleague or friend to see how natural it sounds and then tweak it, as required.

MAKE IT SIMPLE: Don’t risk overwhelming listeners with lots of jargon, long sentences or too much information. It’s far more effective to explain what you need to convey in a nutshell – they can always contact you for more details. We’d also advise against using rhymes and jokes which can often become irritating to hear time and again.

MAKE IT LEGAL: Please don’t make promises you can’t keep; offer deals you can’t honour or make claims you can’t prove in court. Otherwise your script may be rejected before it even gets to air, delaying or even voiding your entire campaign.

MAKE IT MEMORABLE: Always make sure you include your business or product name more than once, along with at least one simple way to contact you – either by phone, in person or online. Even if listeners don’t remember all the details first-time, they should always hear enough information to find you online or in the phone book.


Here are some recent examples of Small Ad scripts that were cleared for broadcast, along with the finished commercials for you to hear.


Visit The Crocodile Café in Saltdean for delicious, authentic Italian deli foods; freshly-made snacks and pastries; and rich tasty coffee.

Come and enjoy a home-cooked Italian evening meal too! Our rustic restaurant pizzeria is open late for sit-down dinner, collection or local delivery.

The Crocodile Café, Longridge Avenue, Saltdean.


I’m David Cook, your local independent Travel Counsellor.

I put together unique dream holidays and I can create a tailor-made, ATOL protected, holiday package just for you!


Or search online for David Cook Travel Counsellor.



When your place needs a really good clean, call Curly Cleaners!

Friendly and professional, we clean homes, offices, rental properties, student accommodation, holiday lets and more!

Call Curly Cleaners: OH SEVEN EIGHT THREE OH,  DOUBLE-TWO FOUR,  FIVE ONE NINE or visit Curly Cleaners dot CO dot UK.

Curly Cleaners.


*Please note that radio advertising for certain products & services is prohibited, while others must meet strict regulatory conditions. As a result, we regret that in some cases we may be unable to accept your script for a short-form Small Ads campaign.

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